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In order to dye the fabric in other words transfer the color to the cloth an ionic force is needed. And this ionic force can be provided by salt in other words sodium chloride. If the salt quality used during the dyeing process is not good then the result achieved on both the paint and the dyeing can be unsatisfactory. Low quality fabrics produced this way are totally unacceptable. If the quality of the salt is low, it will not only affect the quality, but also will cause to waste more paint and more raw materials. The main property of the salt which is used for the dyeing process is its hardness. The hardness level of the salt must be as low as possible to get the best results during dyeing.
High quality refined industrial salt Salti can help the color permeate to the fabric evenly & in a homogeneous way. Consequently, Salti can directly affect the color shade positively because of its high quality and a standard can be provided for the dyeing solution that is used.
The total hardness of the refined industrial salt “Salti”, which is made of rock salt with refinement method, is 0.9 dH. This value is quite low and ideal for a high quality dyeing process. Other properties such as the quick solubility and being purified from the foreign material makes Salti form a bright color solution with a standard quality during dyeing process. These high features distinguish Salti from the similar products in the market.

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