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Since the raw material of Salti is mined from underground it is not adversely affected by the environmental pollution.
Salti has the best modern salt-refining technology in our country. The production is carried out with strict inspections by the quality control laboratory, inspections continue 24 hours long, starting from the very beginning of raw salt mining and ending at the packing stage of processed salt. Salti is enriched by iodine and dehumidified before being packed by machinery in a hygienic environment. The iodine is added to Salti in order to prevent the deficiency of iodine for the consumers.
Salti goes through stages such as; raw salt storing, preparing saturated salt solvent, precipitation of insoluble impurities, cyrstalization, seperating by centrifuge, drying and finally packing, and distributed to extensive selling points through out the country to reach its consumers.

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