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As it lengthens the shelf life of a product, salt, the main additive in the food industry, is being used as a preservative for the food as well. It prevents the formation of microorganisms in food and also prevents the food poisoning. The chemical compound Sodium Chloride NaCl, which is known as salt today, is being used during production and preservation of ready meal, the consuming scala of which is increasing day by day.
Unrefined salt is threatening human health seriously in this respect, refining the salt is not enough itself. Increasing environmental pollution is adversely affecting the salt which is mined from sea and lakes. This kind of salt isn't being purified from all the organic and inorganic impurities.
The food Industrial salt Salti is widely used in various factories for producing floury baked products, butter and cheese production, pickling and spice producing, meat products etc. Salti is serving the best industrial food salt that has internationally accepted standards of health and quality at all times.

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