Salti, the Most Valuable Crystal in Salt Industry!
Salti is produced in the modern facility of Med Mar Tuz San.Tic.A.S. established with Swiss technology. Halite / Rock Salt is mined in rock salt deposits in Çankırı area and is being used as the raw material to produce fully refined salt, SALTI.
%100 natural Salti is mined from the rock salt deposits in Çankırı area and being refined in ultra modern Swiss made facilities. Salt is iodized and packed automatically with special machinery. Halite in other words, rock salt is in isometric crystal form and Salti is produced from this natural source, it is really delicious and healthy, prepared just for you to season the food.
Med-Mar with its improved modern infrastructure is not only producing table salt, but also serving up to 20 different sectors including textile, food, medical, chemical and retail industries with more than 300 tones of production capacity per day, just to serve its clients.
The salt plant has started mass production in 2002 and it is located 3 kms away from the city center of Çankırı just in the middle of Ankara-Cankırı highway. This salt plant has been established on 45,000 mt2 area.
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